Fidelis TF2 Crypto Bot

Easiest way to Buying & Selling TF2 Keys


Highest Rates

We can guarantee that we will always give you the highest rates!


Our services are fast and safe.


Unlike manual trades, you can buy&sell at any time.

You can send any coin of your choice through Binance with a zero fee!

Just choose which coin you want to trade and start buying and selling keys without paying fees!

🤖Fidelis Bot ⇄ Mann Co. Supply Crate Key🗝️

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We are in beta and we are open to any suggestions. You can write to us about things that should be changed or added to the bot.


1-) Who are you? How can we trust ?

We are two friends who have been using such bots for years and dreamed of having such a crypto bot one day.

2-) Will your prices always remain like this or do you plan to change them in the future?

We will continue to offer the best prices we can while maintaining a minimum level of profitability.

3-) Can we look at your and your friend’s steam profiles?

Ofc , me and my friend

4-) And finally, why Fidelis?

While searching for a name with my friend, we were mixing Latin words and the word Fidelis, which means trustworthy came to our minds, one of the things we are aiming for!